About Koalakin®

Dear Moms

Welcome to KoalaKin®, a hands free nursing pouch I created to help mothers breastfeed their babies. Like most moms, I was excited about nursing both of my sons, but a poor latch, coupled with arm, neck and shoulder pain made it increasingly difficult for me to enjoy this special time in my life. On top of that, the need to stay productive drove me to create a product that would promote and enhance a mother’s ability to safely and comfortably nurse and keep their babies close to them as often as possible. With the guidance and support of lactation consultants, birthing professionals, and other moms, the KoalaKin® was born… its unique design allowed me to perfectly position him for nursing, giving him easy and inconspicuous access to the breast with minimal strain on my body, and freeing up my hands so I could stay active with my older children and other interests. It was a win-win for my baby, and me, and I’d like to offer that experience to other nursing moms.

As part of my commitment to the safety and well being of the mothers and children using my products, the KoalaKin® has undergone rigorous safety testing and has recently met all the CPSIA (Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act) standards mandated by Congress in 2008.

It is my sincere hope that the KoalaKin®, Hands Free Nursing Pouch will be a helpful tool that can assist nursing mothers everywhere as they strive to naturally breastfeed their babies.

Warm wishes,


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