Is the KoalaKin® a sling?

No, the KoalaKin® is a nursing pouch. Designed to mimic a mother’s hold while breastfeeding, the KoalaKin® is built more like a soft carrier than a sling or wrap. This design makes it easier to get your baby in the right position to nurse and gives you optimal support for your baby.

What’s the difference between a sling and the KoalaKin®?

A sling is a piece of cloth that supports an infant or toddler. The KoalaKin® is designed with three adjustable straps to comfortably fit a wide variety of moms and babies. Unlike a sling, KoalaKin’s shoulder clasps help you easily and comfortably switch your baby’s position without having to take off or flip the pouch.

And KoalaKin® offers ergonomic back support straps to help eliminate shoulder, back and arm pain by evenly distributing your baby’s weight across both shoulders and fully supporting your little one while nursing.

Can I nurse while standing or walking?

Yes, you can nurse sitting, standing or walking when wearing the KoalaKin®. It was designed to easily and safely support the baby’s weight, affording you the flexibility of choosing how and where you want to nurse your little one.

The KoalaKin®, however, is NOT a carrier and should not be used as one. The safest way to carry an infant is in the upright position. Be sure to switch your baby to the upright position once your nursing session has ended.

Is the KoalaKin® made out of breathable fabrics?

Yes, our product is made with 100% breathable cotton canvas on the outside for safety and support and 100% soft & cuddly cotton on the inside for your baby’s maximum comfort.

How do I put on and use my KoalaKin®?

Putting on, adjusting, and using your KoalaKin® is easy. Please watch our instructional video below for simple instructions on how to safely place a baby and nurse with the KoalaKin®.

Is the KoalaKin® CPSIA compliant?

Yes, the KoalaKin® fully complies with all of the requirements and limitations of the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA) and the ASTM sling standard. For more information see the CPSIA webpage.

It is our goal to ensure the KoalaKin® meets or exceeds all applicable government regulations and industry standards to ensure the safety of our customers and the infants entrusted to us.

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