What’s the Buzz

The press is talking about us – and they’re saying great things.

parent-tested-winnerThe nursing pouch is a genius invention! The quality of construction and the ease of switching the baby from one side to the other is a blessing to any nursing mom.

parenting-pub-silverPerfect for busy moms who need to split her attention amongst multiple things or babies.


theleakyboobI wasn’t sure about the KoalaKin, in fact, I made fun of it at first. After seeing it in action and hearing from my readers I now believe it can be of great benefit for busy moms that need to multitask, take care of other children, and/or have back and arm discomfort while breastfeeding. The ingenious latch design keeps it simple and what moms couldn’t use some functional simplicity in their lives?

thebumpSay what? Yup, it’s true — the KoalaKin nursing pouch makes breastfeeding that much easier.


baby-dickeyKoalaKin review by Baby Dickey “I wear this while getting snacks and lunch for Ryan, folding laundry, cleaning, reading, blogging!, and whatever else I can think of, haha. Most importantly, I wear this to get a chance to give Ryan the attention he needs!

baby-gators-denOne of my favorite features of the KoalaKin is that the weight is distributed evenly across your shoulders. My back ached before using the KoalaKin because I would hunch over while nursing. My back feels much better now because I have better posture while using the KoalaKin. I can also pay attention to my son while bonding with my daughter. It’s a win-win!

babycenterBaby Center reviews the KoalaKin “Products to make note of are the Koala Kin, which is a brand new nursing pouch that allows you to be hands free while nursing your baby. I got a full demonstration from the mompreneur herself and I think it’ll be a great product for breast feeding moms.”

babygearguideThis product is a winner, and I am very happy to share it with you all, as well as my own friends, family, and clients who might need a little help achieving their breastfeeding goals.

celebrate-greenThere is one other clever aspect of the KoalaKin. When you want to switch the baby from one side to the other, you simple unclick one side of the pouch at the shoulder, turn the baby and re-click the other side. Delightfully simple.

ecobabyzWhile I could do okay without a KoalaKin with one baby, having a toddler to care for – it has proved to be indispensable.


me-as-a-mommyWhat’s not to love about the KoalaKin? Not much.


moderndayWe had a chance to take the KoalaKin® on a test drive… so to speak. It was obvious to us from the moment we opened the box, that this hands-free nursing pouch would help change the way moms breastfeed their babies.

mommy-and-meKoalaKin has created an amazing product designed to help breastfeeding mothers succeed.


moms-worldKoala Kin is comfortable, simple to put on, and safe. The design is ingenious. It is easy to secure the baby and adjust, and if your baby nurses to sleep, there is just one clip to undo to transfer them out smoothly if you need to.

playdate-crashersThis product is worth it, not only for working mothers, but for stay-at-home moms that have a million things to do, or other children to chase around the house.

strollertrafficI’ll be honest: I had my doubts. But boy am I glad I gave the Koala Kin a chance.


the-not-so-secret-confessioOne of my biggest challenges as a new mommy of two has been juggling Noah’s needs and Isaac’s needs at the same time. So when I discovered the Koala Kin Hands Free Nursing Pouch I knew that it would be perfect for times when I was nursing Isaac but Noah needed me too!

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