The Benefits of Hands-Free Breastfeeding


Wikipedia explains babywearing as:

“The practice of wearing or carrying a baby in a sling or in another form of carrier. Babywearing has been practiced for centuries around the world. In the industrialized world, babywearing has gained popularity in recent decades, partly under influence of advocates of attachment parenting. Babywearing is a form of baby transport.”

The advantages of babywearing are numerous:

  1. It’s convenient
  2. Wearing a baby promotes physical development
  3. Studies have shown babies worn in slings cry and fuss less
  4. Babywearing is good exercise(!)
  5. Babywearing helps mom and baby communicate with each other
  6. Wearing a baby promotes bonding
  7. Babywearing is safe

These same benefits apply to hands-free breastfeeding, with a few added advantages listed below:

  1. Nursing in a sling or KoalaKin can help ease any strain in the arms, back, and neck by supporting the baby’s weight and helping mom nurse in a more ergonomic position. Keeping the back straight and supported is imperative to avoid and relieve aches and pains.
  2. A sling/KoalaKin can also help block out excess stimuli when breastfeeding a distractible baby, which helps your baby get that developmentally important rest, and it allows for discreet nursing in public places.
    On top of the ergonomic benefits, nursing hands-free also allows for a mom to be more mobile which will help her body recover from giving birth.
  3. If you have other children to look after, breastfeeding hands-free will allow you to still engage and bond with older siblings. This can be a sanity saver if you have active children who require a lot of attention.
  4. A sling/KoalaKin is a lot more collapsible, portable, and convenient than a breastfeeding pillow.

Breastfeeding is one of the best and most important things a mom can give her baby. Because of this, I believe a breastfeeding mom should have all the tools and support necessary in order to do it successfully. Pillows, chairs, slings, carriers, a KoalaKin, nursing covers are all wonderful products designed to help moms better enjoy this wonderful time in their lives.

Are there any benefits I overlooked? Chime in in the comments down below!