Family Friendly Recipes to Boost Your Lactation

Did you know that adding oats, flax, or garlic to your diet greatly aids your ability to produce and maintain a healthy supply of breast milk? It’s true. And the good news is that the whole family can take

How to Keep Your Baby in Position While Breastfeeding

As you start on your breastfeeding journey, you will learn that there are several nursing positions you and your baby can try out. Some will work better than others, but regardless of the nursing position, remember this: it is

Breastfeeding in Emergencies

With the extreme cold that half of Americans are currently experiencing, it is important to know how to take care of infants in unpredictable conditions.
According to the United States Breastfeeding Committee, research shows that infants and children are the

Are You Traveling While Breastfeeding?

Are you planning on traveling during the Holidays? Are you nursing a baby? While traveling with a newborn can certainly be hectic, it is not a reason to stop breastfeeding.
Here are some tips to make your trip as safe

How to Create a Nursing-Friendly Public Space

The Wisconsin’s Wood County Breastfeeding Coalition recently awarded top honors to the local Faith Fellowship Church for its nursing-friendly building design. The Church created a private room that includes a fully-equipped changing station, comfy glider rocking chairs,

Can You Nurse Hands Free And Still Bond With Your Baby?

I get asked this question a lot and here is my answer: I fervently believe a mother can breastfeed without directly holding her baby and still develop a deep bond with them. In fact, in some cases hands free