10 Minutes for Mom: Making the Most of Small Breaks

Pregnant yoga

Your newborn’s down for her nap or spending some quality time with Dad and you’ve got some precious alone time on your hands. Resist the temptation to dive into your to-do list just yet. Instead, try these rejuvenating suggestions for a true mommy break.

Indulge Yourself

Whether it’s popping over to your local salon for a quick neck massage or simply giving yourself a free pass to flip through your favorite catalog, check your Facebook feed, or catch the end of a movie on cable, give yourself permission. These small moments to recharge with an activity you enjoyed pre-baby can help center you and release any built-up stress.

Catch Up

Feel like you haven’t had a good catch-up with your best friend in ages? Pick up the phone. Even a brief chat with a close friend or family member can remind you of the socialization you didn’t even realize you were missing—and all without leaving the house! Only rule: no work talk.

Say “Om”

Snag a quick meditation or take a walk around the block while Dad looks out for your little one. Being in nature is restorative and can help you release some of the anxieties that may be dominating your thoughts. While you’re out, pay attention to smells, birdsong, or the sound of wind through the trees. All of these observances take you out of yourself and release a feeling of peace and calm.

Alternatively, a meditation, whether silent or with an audibly chanted mantra, can be another great way to nurture yourself and refocus. Choose a mantra that speaks to you, or simply replicate the “Sivasana” portion of a yoga practice, where you lay on the floor with your palms up and eyes closed. When in this pose, let your thoughts drift away from day-to-day shopping lists, feeding schedules, and other concerns. Instead, work to truly clear your mind.

Early Morning “Me” Time

As the mother of a newborn, you’re probably already starved for zzz’s. However, if you’ve just woken up to feed your baby and can’t fall back asleep, channel this solo time into reflection rather than frustration. This could mean switching on the bedside light to make a few notes in your journal or zipping through the pages of a book or newspaper on your tablet. Reclaim these a.m. stolen moments for something you enjoy.

“Mommy time” may be your new normal, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make the most of small breaks throughout the day to pamper yourself, rest, and pat yourself on the back for doing such a great job parenting your precious newborn.