How to Keep Your Baby in Position While Breastfeeding

As you start on your breastfeeding journey, you will learn that there are several nursing positions you and your baby can try out. Some will work better than others, but regardless of the nursing position, remember this: it is

7 Earth Friendly Ways to Celebrate Mother’s Day

Looking for that perfect gift for mom? Why not give back to Mother Earth at the same time? Your mom will appreciate your thoughtfulness and you’ll be contributing to the health of the planet. Here are a few suggestions

Our Mother’s Day Gift to Moms-to-be

We all know that Mother’s Day should be celebrated more than once a year. Moms are the tireless glue who keep our families happily together and running smoothly. They provide nurturing embraces and loving structure. And moms give life.

Traveling with an Infant: How Do You Carry Everything?

Having a baby doesn’t have to mean putting an end to your jet-setting lifestyle, but it will mean a few adjustments to the way you pack. These packing tips from well-traveled moms will help you breeze through the airport

6 Tips for Pampering Your Pregnant Wife

From a light foot and calf massage to love notes, we suggest creative ways a new dad (or partner) can take an active role in caring for a pregnant mom.

 1) Pamper Her…

…by rubbing her feet, her shoulders, 

Know Your Breastfeeding Rights

“nfortunately you are not able to breast feed if you don’t have a cover up. I’m sorry,” read a tweet from Delta Airlines in response to Lindsay Jaynes’ question regarding an upcoming flight with her breastfeeding

Are there Allergens in Your Breast Milk?


Concerned that you could transfer something through your breast milk that might negatively affect your baby’s health? Although mothers around the world in all kinds of

Caring For Sore Nipples

I once heard Jessica, from The Leaky Boob, say that from a mother’s perspective, breastfeeding is natural, but not necessarily intuitive. I wholeheartedly agree