Introducing Your Baby to Bottle-Feeding with Breastmilk

Parents often ask, “When is the right time to introduce my baby to a bottle of pumped breastmilk?”

While the answer truly depends on family dynamics (is mom going back to work?) and your baby’s disposition, there are certain facts you should know about how to introduce the bottle to your breastfed baby. Being aware of these facts could help

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The Benefits of Hands-Free Breastfeeding

Wikipedia explains babywearing as:

“The practice of wearing or carrying a baby in a sling or in another form of carrier. Babywearing has been practiced for centuries around the world. In the industrialized world, babywearing has gained popularity in recent decades, partly under influence of advocates of attachment parenting. Babywearing is a form of baby transport.”

The advantages of babywearing

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7 Most Adorable Animal Nursing Pictures

Mammals of land and sea nurse just like we do. And, just like us, their milk varies from the milk of other species in order to provide the perfect recipe of nurturing and nutrition for their young.

Each of these adorable mama and baby pairs expresses their devotion to one other through nursing—the first step of parent bonding. We dare

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Three Poet Mamas on How they Find Time to Write

Sometimes I’m in awe of how much moms are capable of! Here three fantastic women who are not only great moms but also gifted poets share how they make it all work.

Annalee Dunn


As a poet, I still find inspiration to write all the time, everywhere. I record these moments of inspiration

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Reducing Arm, Neck, and Back Pain while Breastfeeding

Pregnancy and birth can wreak havoc on a mom’s body. Many women experience arm, neck, and back pain either during pregnancy or while breastfeeding and caring for an infant. The three main culprits for this discomfort are:

  1. Hormones. A mom’s body has to prepare itself for birth and hormones are in part responsible for these changes. They have an effect
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Mayim Bialik and Other Celebrity Moms Who Choose Long Term Breastfeeding

Some of you may have heard of or read Mayim Bialik’s book Beyond the Sling: A Real-Life Guide to Raising Confident, Loving Children the Attachment Parenting Way. She has been heavily criticized for breastfeeding her son, Fred, until he was 4 years old. Mayim is a big proponent of attachment parenting, and while this may not be for everyone,

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What a Proper Latch Looks (and Feels) Like

A good latch is key to successful breastfeeding. Believe me, I know. A poor latch caused me to have to give up breastfeeding my first son 10 years ago and I STILL feel bad about it.

No matter what latch and positioning should look like, the true measure of a good latch is lack of pain. An improper latch usually

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The Ergonomics of Breastfeeding

Some people may wonder how carrying a tiny baby around can put so much strain on a woman’s body. But if you’ve been there, you know.

Breastfeeding requires moms to log lots of hours in one position, and many moms may be predisposed to developing pain in their neck, shoulders, forearms, wrist and low back. Pregnancy and the postpartum period

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